Welcome, Anonymite

Absolute chaos. Was that catchy enough? To be more accurate, I should say a mass of confusion thriving off a microscopic particle of calm. That is me. This is a journal on display to an anonymous world that has no more than a passing interest in the opinions and experiences of someone they will never meet. A personal record pushed into an impersonal and faceless form out of boredom and perhaps some deep-rooted cliche of a desire to connect with others, albeit through the ironic form of a blog. Who the hell even came up with that word? I want to meet that person. Did they make money from that word?

There will be little structure to this blog. It will likely lack in consistency and jump from present to past to future and every which combination since that is the way that I think; as if time were not linear, instead being an inconsistent mass threaded together by memories. Not unlike a chaotic domino effect.

-Snads 10/13/10


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