Breath & grief.

According to Chinese medicine, unresolved grief can “build” in the lungs and trigger symptoms such as the seemingly random and intense wheezing I went through for five weeks last month.  I mentioned this to my ma and she explained that from her training and education as a bereavement facilitator and her work in hospice, “breathing is the first and foremost thing affected by grief (the lungs).  We take half breaths or unconsciously hold our breath, as if we haven’t made up our mind to live and fully engage in life.”  If this is true, it is so fascinating to me that such emotional stress can trigger physical symptoms.  It was hell having those breathing attacks but the concept of it is interesting.  I was told about this today by an acupuncturist I saw.  In light of the fact that for the past ten months I’ve hardly grieved at all due to how busy I’ve been, I believe this could be a possibility.

My blogs used to be humorous.  I miss that.


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