The dark side of insectoid upstarts.

Last night, a penta-cluster of black widows was discovered loitering at my address of residence.  The sonar security system I had installed months earlier that emits a high pitched frequency that can only be heard by young adult web crawlers — and in turn drive them away — did not phase these emo-arachnids.  Which means that they are over forty and can talk my sonar system to death with life-experience.  Upon inspection, I took note of many bbw’s (baby black widows) running amok, upsetting the establishment of my carport.  I put an end to it immediately.

The picture posted above is not of the earlier referenced spidey-sads, but is of one of my roommates who I’m quite sure is casting black magic spells on me at worst or working as a conduit for bad energy and filling the house with it at best.  Skeptical?  Perhaps you should consult the tv psychic I sought for counsel and confirmation.  Face!  This year has been a bad one for roommates but I am grateful to say that such undesirable circumstances will soon come to an end and the love of my life and I will be in our beautiful new and first home!  Clean start to a brighter future.

Currently playing: “Just What IAm” featuring King Chip (Produced by KiD CuDi).

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One thought on “The dark side of insectoid upstarts.

  1. I just love reading about your crazy whirlwind life shenanigans. *high five*

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