Tyranny, precedent of totalitarianism.

For the constitutionally apathetic, you must be on the verge of a dream world, one being brought about under the auspices of the federal government — our ever vigilant Uncle whose glorious disdain for constitutional restraint is surpassed only by his ravenous appetite for power.  In the name of safety, we must do our part (do nothing) as our Republic is bled dry by officials that took the oath to protect it.  We have no greater enemy than those citizens who will stand for liberty in the face of tyranny.  Stand down, a new order closes in around us and it would be impolitic to resist it.  Serfdom is becoming.  That in mind, let the chains of debt encourage you into inaction and your partisan bickering restrain you from effectively uniting.  May the rise of the police state in America continue largely unchallenged.


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