Toothpaste trials of a suburbanite.

Across homes everywhere in the sprawling bubble of suburbia signs are showing that hope is still alive.  If I just press this tube on the counter top’s edge, a bit more paste may yet crawl onto my toothbrush.  I’ve trained for this.  Others say it’s a physical impossibility to squeeze out more…but I’m not others, or else I would refer to myself as ‘other’ since I would BE an other and not myself.  That’s just confusing.  I feel like Leonidas as a boy from the movie ‘300’ when facing off against the wolf.  I expect a triumph when I return back to my bedroom and my cape better be this neato metallic red color.

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One thought on “Toothpaste trials of a suburbanite.

  1. I love the way your mind works, that you would even think of writing something like this! Cleverly written, and, well, ain’t it true! We all do this~

    Write more often, Snads-I love reading how your mind works!

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