Like, egads. Post before the end arrives.

The end of March, that is.  Due to my compulsory service to the goddess, Electronica, in the spirit of electron and hallucination – both physical & chemical, I will make one last post-sacrifice from my handsome idiot box computer.  March, you marched right in between February and April and threw all kinds of life life dung at me like a simple-minded, immature ape.  What did I do with it?  I didn’t make lemonade, I can assure you – a mix of fecal matter, lemons, and sugar is something nobody will purchase, not even from my metaphor-for-life lemonade stand.  However, I did make dung beetles out of that foul smelling substance that Japanese scientists have created meat from (shit burgers roxorzz!).  I then fired the dung-beetles in a kiln and sold them on eBay as ‘art’.  So thanks for the financial support, asshole.  Na, you were ok.

Behold this unrelated screenshot of my ear-mouth thing.  Yea.  What the fu*k is a cell phone?

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