Let’s see what comes to mind.

Lyra.  A constellation steeped in mythology.  Vega is it’s brightest star and the constellation is found in the northern hemisphere.  Now you have a random bit of knowledge to digest the way Cronus digested his own children.  With all that guilt, it is too bad Pepto was not around to settle his stomach.  What would he have used to ease his mind?  Nothing, time itself devours all things similarly, guilt included in most cases.  The great thing is that you needn’t fear your newfound knowledge overthrowing your mind the way Cronus feared his children overthrowing him.  What an insecure asshole he was.  Anyway, no more talk of the stars and titans.

I am in danger of losing my job and that is quite crappy.  I have been mentally preparing myself for it since 2:50pm and been looking online for jobs since I got home.  Perhaps this will be a good thing in hindsight.  If it isn’t meant as a good thing by the intervention of a supernatural entity, then I plan on turning it into a catalyst for a better future myself.  Was that positive-sounding enough?  Tomorrow I begin in earnest applying for more jobs just as a precaution.  I wanna be prepped.  Haha preppy.  Lol @ Saved By The Bell.  And all 90’s shows for that matter.  Already 90’s tv seems almost as cheesy as 50’s tv (like Boy Meets World, a classic).  How pop culture has changed (and become a slut-soaked hallowing of tradition).  I am missing the 90’s right now — the world was so much more safe and certain to me as a child.  Slap bracelets.

I want to learn electric guitar.  I can tell you how I wouldn’t stop playing it though: I wouldn’t do it like Horatio Sanz in the cowbell SNL skit with Christopher Walken where he keeps hitting random strings, haha……no I would probably stop mid-song like that too since he does it and his last name ends in the anti-establishment letter, ‘Z’.  That means he is with it regardless of a generation’s trends.  It also means his last name begins with the letter responsible for stopping the alphabet because our letter ‘Z’ understands the value of silence, hence the absence of letters beyond ‘Z’, zen, tranquility of the mind and the peace in one’s spirit.  Me no habla?

Currently playing: ‘Leaving Earth’, scored by Clint Mansell for the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack.  A powerful song that has a very deep bottom (yes I know what I just said):

Wait, if the SOPA/PIPA bills that “our” Senators keep trying to pass under different names are successful, this song posting could land me indefinitely in jail for a “belligerent act against the United States”.  Or is it the recently passed NDAA that allows such a travesty to happen, one in direct defiance of my right to due process?

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