Anal retentive song specifics.

Album: WZRD

Track: Live & Learn

Time: 3:19-3:33

The way the guitar slowly trips into the bass is unorthodox, which is why it is so amazing.  At 3:32-3:33, the guitar trips yet again, leading to 3:38 where the whole song just bleeds into itself.  Way to stretch the strings.  Makes me want to learn guitar.

Album: Waking up

Track: Missing Persons 1 & 2

Time: 0:56-1:52

From the first thunderous piano pitches that balance out the higher ones as they glide across the uplifting vocals, the entire part is amazing.  1:00-1:02 introduces a grit to Benjamin Tedder’s voice and he takes off again at 1:04; all the while, the high pitch forms the backbone of this segment while the heavy, low piano notes slowly but powerfully trudge along in the background as his voice soars across the track, culminating in an explosive energy release at 1:15, echoing outwards like the embers of a post-explosion firework.

I fucking love the music I love.  The segment cited in One Republic’s song is one that lifts me into a state of auditory euphoria.  Are these words too big?  Additionally, CuDi’s ability as a musician continues to amaze me.  In that same album, WZRD, the song ‘Teleport 2 Me, Jamie’ is incredible.  Maybe I have a thing for echoing?  It can compound the emotion in a song and lay it on your ears even thicker, evoking a much more dramatic response (from me, anyway).

WZRD is a solid first attempt by CuDi and Dot in the rock genre.  Their song, ‘Upper Room’ hits especially hard in the first 17 seconds.  ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night’ on that same album has a nice twang to it but it works with the grungy guitar.  The claps help break up the vocals that CuDi belts out into the mic unashamedly.  ‘Brake’ is my favorite song from the entire album, the riffs are simple but so sick (probably why it works so well, there is beauty in simplicity).

Do you think I read too much into music?  I think you all take music for granted.  Proof of this can be found in half of the garbage that is pumped out from the big music labels and through the radio, this standardized-but-successful junk that’s perpetuated by ‘artists’ (gimmick-ridden entertainers) but accepted by the public.  I suppose not everything in life ought to move you, lest you become too used to it and take it for granted.  Let’s have a round of applause for mindless crap in general, for it further uplifts those things that matter!

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2 thoughts on “Anal retentive song specifics.

  1. Rachael says:

    Are you and boy morphing into the same person? Guitar playing firefighters?

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