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What to do with my first of three days off aside from wasting time writing in this blog… politics, nobody really listens when you talk about politics, more often than not, they are set in their ways and loyalties and it is more about talking at each other, not with, though I have a friend that I can debate with and we sometimes both give way and pause for consideration of one another’s thoughts.  He is a reasonable guy and I respect that.

Work has been slow but I am still managing at least one hundred dollars or more a day (by the end of the week).  Very grateful for that.

My dreams have been strange as usual but I have been forgetting some of them when I wake up, hence the lack of updates in my dream blog.

Been doing what I can to remain calm about my dad’s medical condition.  I don’t like talking about it and I would rather wait until the final diagnosis to see how severe or treatable it is.

Been having a lot of random memory flashbacks, which sometimes overwhelm and overstimulate me since they usually engage all of my senses and I have to split them between processing the memories and processing the present.  It is almost as if the memories are happening simultaneously with the present–I get to flip back & forth between both.  That may seem cool, and sometimes it is, but sometimes it becomes too much and I need to focus on where I am. Sound weird?

It’s my best friend Brandon’s birthday today and I kinda wish I was down in Jersey to go celebrate with him and the rest of our friends down there.  When we were younger we would sometimes talk about what it will be like to be friends at age 80 but I have been away from Jersey for so long that I now hope we will still be friends at that age–wherever I will be in the world at that point.  I have a tendency to move constantly–state to state and possibly, as I age, country to country?  We have been friends for 12+ years…..I think our friendship will endure the distance.  Never had a big brother in my life, but B was like one for me when we were growing up.  Now that we are in our late 20’s that role has decreased, but from being teenagers to young adults, that is how I viewed him–he was the leader.

It would be nice to be able to go back to the Dominican Republic with him & Justine and some more of our friends like we did this past summer.  We shall see, as I won’t go and leave my girlfriend here in the states.  That means she and I could get a room together and I wouldn’t have to hear Rob snoring all night like last time (haha, if you’re reading this, I love you, Rob!)  Finances permitting, we could both go….that is unless the dollar crashes and hyperinflation cripples the economy here in the states.  *Shudders*  I just wish live my life; it isn’t right to have to go through that kind of thing because of the irresponsibility the bureaucrats in D.C. and the decades spent promising “free rides” to the masses.

Thane is napping on my bed.  He is such a baby.  For a dog, he exhibits some pretty human-like qualities, though from what I read, most boxers do.  Then again, most people say that about all of their pets.  Regardless, I love his personality and his eyes have more soul in them than James Brown.  His eyes are brown–Thane’s are.  Well so were James Brown’s but I’m not talking about his eyes.  Speaking of, blue eyes are apparently a genetic mutation traced back to a common ancestor of blue eyed people about 10,000 years ago.  That makes me a mutant.  Sweet.  That is also my nickname.  “Blue eyes”, not “mutant”.

I am going to go read DaVinci’s notebooks now.

Segregation is still prevalent in American society. It is more subtle, but no less wrong.

P.S.  Happy Martin Luther King Day.  If he were alive today, I imagine he would be deeply disappointed in the state of our country and how our government treats American citizens.  Not only that, but I believe he would be thoroughly upset that segregation occurs in millions of refrigerators nation-wide.  Why?  Why must the madness to the right continue?  Rest assured, I mixed those eggs up like a bunch of Manchurian candidates.

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2 thoughts on “Aimless & unfiltered blog.

  1. i love how you write with train of thought-always interesting and interesting way with words!
    (and huge cause for celebration re dad’s cancer!)

  2. pbeau1986 says:

    From one mutant to another 🙂

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