How distastefully the Left is handling the Tucson tragedy:

I have had enough with the liberals & Left pouncing on the Tucson tragedy in an attempt to score political points and reopen their anti-gun agenda; it is tactless and low. I will quickly add that violence on this scale does not happen often (not to undermine the seriousness and tragedy of when it does happen), the average law abiding citizen does not do this–including gun owners–criminals do, and this is one of the costs of a free society. Freedom comes with risk. That is no reason to push draconian legislative measures that suggest we value the promise of safety over liberty and rely on government to protect us from everything that might do us harm. Keep in mind, that the government does not possess the authority to revoke our freedom–no matter the banner they try it under.

Back to my original point: how dare liberals exploit this tragedy for leverage and use it as a chance to attack their ideological opposition for the purpose of delegitimizing their philosophy of governing! The intent of politicizing this event is to scapegoat millions of Americans under the greater Conservative umbrella who only have legitimate objections to their government. Disgusting. Sarah Palin should apologize? I think it is mutually applicable. Their [liberals] actions are ringing loud and clear and their true colors are showing: “How can we utilize our opportunity to further our political ambitions during this tragedy?”

By default, the Left is screaming that this is somehow the Tea Party’s fault, yet not a single shred of evidence exists to link Loughner to the Tea Party or any grassroots activist group–or the Right for that matter. He was a mentally imbalanced sicko who had planned this out irrespective of the political turmoil over the last year. Inflammatory rhetoric & vitriol is not the culprit here. If that argument is going to be utilized by the liberals, let’s take a look back at Obama’s rhetoric over the last 2 years, shall we?:

June 7, 2010: “I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar, we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick.“

(In his defense of how he handled the BP oil spill.)

February 28, 2009: “I know they [the special interests and lobbyists] are gearing up for a fight as we speak. My message to them is this: so am I.”

(During a weekly radio and television address, President Obama laid out his plan to reform healthcare in America. The above was his message to the special interests opposed to his agenda.)

Summer of 2009: “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard.”

(Although the quote is attributed to Senior White House adviser David Axelrod, it has been tied to Obama and did come from an official top source in the Administration. Given Obama’s penchant for using rhetoric that can be categorized as inflammatory, the above quote is passable for being attributed for him, as it is highly likely this kind of talk was prevalent in his entire administration.)

June 13, 2008: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama told the audience. “Because from what I understand folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”

(Obama echoed Sean Connery’s famous “Chicago Way” monologue during the election campaign).

September 08, 2008: “argue with people, get in their faces.”

(Obama encouraging his supporters while on the campaign trail.)

Liberals will argue that I have taken those quotes out of context in an attempt at a smear tactic against Obama, that he didn’t mean for his supporters to take those words as clearance to get violent. Exactly. He didn’t. It’s rhetoric. It is meant to fire people up to take action–activism, not violence. In that same way, the rhetoric from the Right & the Tea Party during the year of healthcare debate & protests against big government was not meant in a way to incite people to violence or to encourage people to murder their representatives. Liberals know this is true, but it is just too convenient and easy for them to point fingers at the other side(s), which is why they are doing it. To be fair, if the tables were reversed, I am sure that this kind of blaming would be coming from the Right, aimed at the Left. That’s what happens in a polarized political climate.

On another note, this is not comparable to the Oklahoma City bombing–Loughner is not a militia member or a terrorist. If he was anything other than mentally ill, judging from his video’s, favorite books (such as the Communist Manifesto), and overall views that embrace flag-burning and anti-government sentiment, he was more aligned with a Leftist mindset (albeit a non-compartmentalized one) with a fixation on conspiracy theories.

The face of a madman. Not a political hitman.

This was not a political hit. This was a criminal act of murder carried out by a mentally disturbed young man. He was suspended from community college in Tucson after five encounters with campus police between February and September last year and his behavior so frightened his classmates that they became convinced he was on the edge of a violent breakdown. Agents believe he had developed a festering and irrational hatred of Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords after she failed to answer his question – ‘What is government if words have no meaning?’ – at a political rally at his college two years ago.

Pack it up, liberals, no matter how desperately you want this to be linked to the Right or the Tea Party, it can’t be. The political rhetoric of the last year did not cause this kid to carry out this act. He had planned it out by himself and had an obsession with Rep. Gabrielle Giffords before the Tea Party became a movement and the “incendiary” rhetoric became regular on our nation’s debate scene. That being said, enough politicizing, it is going to lead to backlash against the Left and their self-appointed moralists, who are using a murder to gain a tactical advantage in future policy fights; and after the November election results, they certainly cannot afford it.

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4 thoughts on “How distastefully the Left is handling the Tucson tragedy:

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    No, the hate-filled right-wing pundits and conservative candidates are responsible, along with Fox “news” and right-wing radio. It would be different if they weren’t lying to promote hatred, fear, bigotry, and anger, but that’s what they’re doing. They’re murderers. They may not have pulled the trigger, but they’re responsible. Charles Manson never pulled the trigger, either.

  2. snadius says:

    Hi, Ben, by your response I gather one of two things: One, you skimmed my blog at best and made a conscious decision to not consider what I wrote and responded, or two, your hatred for anything linked to the word “conservative” mixed with your disgust & shock at Loghner’s rampage caused you to use any possible chance to slander the right, whether it is valid or not.

    What if this boy didn’t watch MSNBC, CNN, FOX, etc? It is entirely plausible, as plenty of people do not have tv and are not inundated daily with the polarized banter that occurs on the major news media outlets. He was more into conspiracy theories than any coherent political ideology; the interesting thing is that by his list of favorite books and what else I mentioned in my blog about him, you can see that this boy was a very loosely affiliated liberal at best. And he still shot a Democratic representative.

    Incendiary rhetoric is something the Right and the Left are both guilty of and you know it. You also know that rhetoric was not the CAUSE for this young man’s actions, as he had a fixation on Gabrielle Giffords since at least 2007. Please see the following article by the NY Times concerning Loughner and his descent into further madness:

    Loughner was crazy, period. And I am sorry to say, but if you still refuse to think about it and for a moment, cannot put aside your cookie-cutter hatred for the Right–be they deserving of it or not–then you are just as close minded as the extreme Right AND Left. It is that stubborn mindset that contributes to further polarization and hotter tempers from both sides. Pointing fingers and looking for a scapegoat in this matter is futile, as this was the work of a madman. Simple as that.

    Also, Ben, I would like for you to see that hatred does not spew from your opposition only. Look at the “tweets” from liberals/Leftists/anti-conservatives nation-wide, calling for the assassination of Sarah Palin, prayers that she dies a painful death:

    They are all guilty of that which they hate Palin for doing–except they have gone much further and outright called for her death. Who is the savage?. It is pure hypocrisy that one would isolate the Right as nothing but savages and heartless monsters that spew only lies, fear, bigotry, and hatred and remain silent at their own party’s exercise of it. Maintaining an atmosphere of fear & anger is part of the political machine’s very nature. It does it in an attempt to divide and prevent unity amongst the citizenry.

    Feel free to respond, as I am curious to see what you yourself think. Have a good day.

    • Ben Hoffman says:

      There’s no comparison. The ‘right’ is all about hatred, lies, guns, fear, and violence when they don’t get their way. While most don’t act on their threats, the desire is there.

      You don’t see liberal politicians issuing threats of violence, but here are a few from conservatives:

      Sarah Palin – Gun sights on a map of Democratic politicians. Urged followers to “reload” and “aim.”
      Jesse Kelly – Held an event to “Shoot a Fully Automatic M16″ to “Get on Target” and “Remove Gabrielle Giffords”
      Alan West – Told supporters to make his opponent afraid to come out of his house.
      Sharron Angle – Spoke of “Second Amendment remedies.”

      These are people running for political office, some of whom hold or held high levels of power in our government.

      When legislation that you don’t like is passed by our democratically elected officials, that’s tough. There will always be winners and losers. You don’t get to decide what laws are passed just because you own a gun.

      • snadius says:

        I agree that just because you own a gun, you cannot shoot…well anybody. But you are making it seem as if Lougher was a bitter Republican who shot a Democratic representative. If you are going to try and fit him into a political ideology based off of his rants, books, etc, then he fits into the fringe section of the liberal crowd.

        I did post threats coming from liberals–I focused on the ones that came from our own President, actually (though I left out Obama’s comment of “hand to hand combat” against the incoming Republicans). This is further proof that you did not read my blog before commenting and that you have no interest in anything aside from maddeningly railing against conservatives. Which proves my next suspicion, that you are part of the “Left machine” whose sole purpose is to breed contempt toward the Right in others. You have no desire for intelligent discussion, only a craving to attack and create what you accuse the Right of. Your hypocrisy is astounding and by your words and what I saw on your blog, you are a pawn of the greater cancer that infects our country’s political dialogue.

        You have not responded about the YouTube link of liberals hypocritically calling for Sarah Palin’s assassination (which, given the burning passion with which you hate her, I am sure you condone). I doubt you read the NY Times article I posted the link to, concerning Loughner’s breakdown into further madness. Indeed, the only thing you have mentioned in your comments is how much you hate the Right.

        This is not a board for you to post your hatred of the Right on, and if you continue to do that instead of talking about the topic of the blog, I will delete any further soapbox sessions of yours.

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