My adrenaline addicted car. Nightmares.

Good morning.  I was driving out of work yesterday evening and made a right hand turn in the parking lot.  My driver side door flew open.  Not because I forgot to close it, it just doesn’t close properly unless I “Hulk” it closed; the cold exacerbates an already pathetic condition.  Ha!  Haha!  At least I don’t have to dread it happening for the first time.  That is a positive, right?

Immediately after the door tried running away from my car, I instinctively leapt out of the driver seat to catch it.  Oh, I caught it.  I then realized I was no longer in my car and it was speeding up.  How is this possible?  My car has the unique ability to channel a bad action movie.  It drove through a society of parking cones, trampled a detour sign, and careened off of a ramp.  Upon impact, I was thrown back into the seat and had an intense 5 minute struggle with the possessed steering wheel.  It parked itself on the lakefront, turned on some Marvin Gaye, slammed the doors shut, and locked them in an overly dramatic fashion.  I was turned on, what can I say?  This absurd and exaggerated take on last nights events has gone on far too long.

For the past 2-3 weeks I have been bombarded with nightmares.  Everyone has bad dreams.   These were not just bad dreams.  Many were so terrifying that I could not fall back asleep afterwards, so afraid was I that I would drift back into them.  On the other hand, I did not want to be awake and keep my eyes open, out of an irrational and half-conscious fear that the entities of my nightmares would somehow manifest themselves in my room and pick up where they left off.  The sad thing is, I have tried almost everything under the sun to try and stop my nightmares, without success, since I was an early teenager.  The majority of my dreams are always vivid, imaginative, and very intense but I usually wake up from them unfazed.  I hope tonight I am not plagued by the dark…..a silly thing to say because it is indeed dark outside.  I declare it to be 2:09am!


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