How to wake up. On a side note, the recession can go fu** itself.

Cold, overcast, and rainy. Waking up to that, lost in your blankets with your loyal Boxer puppy curled up into you makes it worth the shitty weather. Good lad *pets Thane on the head*.

This is the second day in a row of work being painfully slow. I was sent home since there are no dogs to groom, which, if it were busy, would have made me prance about like a “one lord a’ leapin” (ignore that immediately) but it’s just dead, period. This damn recession has slowed work to a jaw dropping and then laugh-because-you-can’t-believe-it level. I want my big paychecks back. $600 every 4 days? Yes, please. I miss those days.

It’s humbling to struggle, but it also gives you perspective of how much worse it could be–or better. I have a nice apartment and don’t have to pay for heat or hot water; in New England that is like having Christmas for the entire winter. I can still at least afford food for myself and Thane (he eats better than I do with his basted chicken, avocado, pomegranate, sweet potato, and Total-cereal-mixed-in dinners) and pay my bills. It reminds me of my early adulthood when I wasn’t able to afford food regularly. The strain I must have put on ma & dad’s finances…..and my body, lol. I would rather not revisit those days again. Thank god for the resiliency of youth. And for Sedona, AZ for that matter. Oh Sedona….


2 thoughts on “How to wake up. On a side note, the recession can go fu** itself.

  1. yes, you did. but that's ok. we knew we had to at least feed/water you kids. it was our duty.

  2. KamaHooptra says:

    I am going to purposely point out that you said "one lord a' leapin'….seriously? LOL

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