I love my boxer, Thane.

The poor lad has had one allergic reaction after another since we debuted back on the east coast, starting in Dirty Jersey at the end of May. Swollen, cherry-red ears and god awful itching. Twice had him at the vet for medicine and steroid shots. Moved to New Hampshire where I lived in a basement with my brother for 2 and a half months. That was just a bad idea from the start, as basements are never clean no matter how well you clean them. He would randomly break out into hives and they would eventually go away. Food allergies was not likely, as he had been on Blue Buffalo kibble: a premium, holistic brand, for 6 months. After a few more vet visits, more shots, more steroids, and medication, I wanted to look elsewhere for options–holistic ones specifically, as I want to avoid pumping Thane full of steroids and pharmaceutical antihistamine drugs for the rest of his life.

My wee lad, Thaniel!


We moved out of that shit hole at the start of October but his hives have persisted. They don’t seem to cause itching, however, he still scratches around his ears, chin and licks his paws–indicators of food allergies from what I have read and been told by vets. I fasted him for 2 days on a light, limited ingredient liquid food diet with plenty of water; as of tonight, I put him on a new diet of fresh cooked meat (on a rotation of chicken & beef) and veggies with some fruit, all chopped up and drizzled with broth. Oh he loves it. Keeping an eye on him over the next few weeks to see if the hives break out again. Honestly, I think it was stress from living in a damn basement. I feel like shit for being responsible for that. Hang in there little buddy, I will get this sorted out.

On a side note, that picture above was taken when he was 12 weeks old. He now looks breathtakingly handsome at just over a year old. Yes, I am extremely proud of my dog. He is constantly complimented and stops people in their tracks. He is goofy as all hell, rather intelligent and such a lover of other dogs and people–especially children! He is a part of my family and I love him to death!


One thought on “I love my boxer, Thane.

  1. KamaHooptra says:

    Awww….he's like a little allergy ridden dog or something.

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